The Terra Isara approach

The Terra Isara Endowment Fund was set up with the ambition of developing actions of general interest with a focus on defining new agricultural and food systems able to produce sufficient quantities of agricultural products and healthy food while preserving the natural resources and allowing the farming community to live decently from their work.

This approach is applied across 3 axes of intervention :

  • TRAINING, because the definition and implementation of new farming and food systems require new or adapted skills
  • INNOVATION, because the definition of new production systems requires applied research with on-field experiments terrain
  • SUPPORT, to encourage the creation of innovative activities.


Agricultural Systems & Sustainable Food

New farming and food systems to produce enough healthy food while preserving natural resources and enabling the farming community to gain a decent livelihood from their work.

Program and funding of applied research
with on-field experimentation





Diversity of talents

Access to AGRAPOLE / ISARA courses for any motivated and competent young person, regardless of their origins and financial means.

Honour Loans , Solidarity Fund, International Scholarships


Development of entrepreneurship

Concrete training and operational skills in innovation and entrepreneurship to give young graduates the business acumen they need to succeed.

Funding of a food innovation contest: ECOTROPHELIA


The Terra Isara Endowment Fund:
a financing tool for the agriculture and food of tomorrow…

Company commitment

  Terra Isara comprises 30 companies that support training, applied research and entrepreneurship development projects.   The Executive board, composed mainly of business leaders, selects the projects deemed worthy of support and continuously monitors the actions implemented.

Tax benefits

Set up legally as an endowment fund, Terra Isara allows those who support us to enjoy strong tax benefits.

  • For companies: 60% of the sum donated is deductible from their corporate tax so long as this does not exceed 0,5% of turnover before tax
  • For individuals: 66% of the sum donated is deductible within the limit of 20% of taxable income.
  • Exemption from transfer taxes on donations and legacies, and exemption from taxes on revenue generated by capitalization of endowments (except in special cases).

A big thank-you to all companies and individuals who share our values and who invest every day in the Terra Isara approach.

ISARA and Agrapole

With over 4,680 graduates and 1,300 students on 2 campuses Lyon & Avignon, ISARA, an engineering school specialised in agriculture, agribusiness and the environment, provides training, applied research and support for companies and organizations. ISARA is a founding member of Agrapole, a cluster of professional organisations working in agriculture and agri-food, fostering a synergy of actions and skill transfer that contribute to the ongoing development of these sectors.