Our students are future entrepreneurs!

Terra Isara aims to develop entrepreneurship training, in particular by supporting the ECOTROPHELIA European food innovation competition.

Since 2012, the Terra Isara Endowment Fund has supported the participation of ISARA engineering students in the ECOTROPHELIA Agri-Food Innovation Competition. 18 projects have competed, which in turn amounts to more than 250 students being trained. Several teams have won awards, and some projects have subsequently led to the creation of innovative companies.

Development of entrepreneurship

Support training for entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship

Terra Isara’s ambition is to help engineering students gain the skills they need for intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship.
This acquisition is based on concrete eco-innovation approaches by placing students in a real situation of product creation and launch: identification of promising concepts, market research, production of prototypes and pre-series in the agro-food technology market, determination of acceptability price, launch plan and business plan.
Two exchange sessions with the board of directors invested in Terra Isara are organized each year to optimize the projects’ chances of success. The engineering students also benefit from contributions by the European Foodlab project, of which ISARA is the driving force.
At the end, the projects are presented at the European innovation competition Ecotrophelia. The student-engineers have the opportunity, after this initial entrepreneurial step, to integrate the Agrapole-ISARA incubator (Foodshaker).